We are two middle aged folks who are getting into blogging (“middle aged” is a euphemism for old f**ts). Actually, we feel like we are in our 40’s but are in our 60’s. What’s more, if “80 is the new 60,” and “60 is the new 40,” and “40 is the new 20,” then we are totally confused (I was about to use another expression, but there are children present — this would make a great Jackie Mason routine. If you remember who Jackie Mason is, then you are still the old 60!)

Jay practices special needs law outside of Fort Lauderdale, and Lesley practices being Jay’s “better half” inside of Coral Springs. If we both could just be inside or outside together, we could have some real fun…

We have three great kids, but don’t let them read this, or they could become spoiled rotten (those rotten kids), Michael, Jamie and Cary. We are all from New Jersey, the home of Bill Maher and Chris Christie, Frank Sinatra and Ernie Kovacs, Abbot AND Costello (in fact Lou Costello, Jay and Lesley were all born in Paterson!) Then we got smart, like most New Jerseyans (except Chris Christie) and moved out of New Jersey permanently — to Florida (okay, so we’re not so smart). But our kids were smart, and they moved out of New Jersey and Florida — to New York City and San Francisco. Then they moved back to Florida (okay, so they’re not so smart), but Cary moved back to San Francisco (okay so she is smart). This could again become a Bud and Lou routine (if only this author were smart).

Anyway, now you know all you need to know about us from the “ABOUT” section. In fact, you probably know too much and wish you hadn’t clicked the “ABOUT” button at all….


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